Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Our First Mug Release Party!

Tiki bars of past had a great history of collectable, site-specific tiki mugs. (Check out our posts on Mr. Bali Hai and Tiki Bob!) Three Dots and a Dash will join in the tradition with the release of our first custom mug on Monday, September 2nd, at 5pm. Designed in conjunction with and produced by Tiki Farm, this ceramic sea urchin is the first vessel created just for Three Dots and a Dash, and is only available for sale at the bar ($20).

To celebrate, Paul McGee will also be working his first bartending shift at Three Dots and a Dash that evening.


  1. So how do I get one if I live in Sacramento and I don't get to Chicago much?

  2. YAY! Will be making my first visit from Texas on that Wednesday - hope you will have some left when I get there :)

  3. OK -- you had your "exclusive fun"...
    Now tell me how to order one for my http://tequlawhisperer.com tequla show??!?