Thursday, March 6, 2014

Here Comes The Bum!

At Three Dots and a Dash, we have a lot of folks to pay homage to. First, there is Don the Beachcomber. Then Trader Vic. Then Stephen Crane. And Martin Cate, too. But most of all, we have to give thanks to Jeff "Beachbum" Berry. Without him, so many beloved tiki drinks would be lost to history in the form of untold secret recipes and yellowed pages in ancient bartender notebooks. The most potentially devastating example of that fact is the very cocktail Paul McGee loved so much he named this very bar after: Three Dots and a Dash! How would Chicagoans survive the never ending winter of 2014 if they did not have this subterranean tropical escape? It is The Bum we can thank for these one-night vacations.

Just in time for all this snow to never melt, The Bum has come out with a new book, and lucky us! He's bringing it straight to Three Dots and a Dash. Paul got his hands on an early copy, and picked seven of his favorite recipes to serve on Sunday night (March 9th, 5pm-2am):

We've also asked Chicago's resident tikiphile, Rob Christopher (read his musings on tiki here and here, or listen here), to DJ the event. But in true island-time fashion, he'll be DJing from his barstool! Here's a little peek at the musical environment he'll be creating just for the occasion:

So mark your calendar to swizzle on down to 435 N. Clark Street this Sunday evening (5pm-2am), and tiki with Three Dots and a Dash as we host Beachbum Berry! 

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