Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Stephen Crane's Birthday!

Don't you love it when your birthday falls on a Friday? We bet Stephen Crane did, too. And this Friday is his birthday!

In honor of the birth of the Jet Pilot's inventor (one of our most beloved classic tiki cocktails), on Friday, February 7th, we'll be serving Crane's version of the Scorpion Bowl, from his famed faux-Polynesian restaurant The Luau in Beverly Hills.  

Scorpion Bowl 
Stephen Crane, The Luau in Beverly Hills
Gin, Gold Puerto Rican Rum, Armagnac, Lime, Orgeat
$30, serves 4-5

Sharon Tate giving Stephen Crane a birthday kiss.
"Nothing tops four on a pineapple punch!"
Fur jacket + tropical bikini = totally appropriate Chicago winter tiki wear.
Stephen Crane with his very own Scorpion Bowl.
The Luau in Beverly Hills.

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